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Personal Responsibility and Safey

By participating in live and/or recorded qigong classes, reviewing workshops, materials, or any other material content created by Dustin Thatcher, you are hereby acknowledging that you are accepting full responsibility for your own health, safety, and well-being. 

As you will be engaging in physical activity without an instructor present in your space, you are hereby acknowledging: 

  1.  That you have taken the appropriate precautions to prepare your space for safety – this includes adjusting the space to be free of tripping hazards, breakable items, people, pets, or other items that may become damaged. This website is not liable for any damages to your body, home, personal belongings, or others, in your own space as you are participating of your own free will. 
  2. That you have discussed any and all health conditions, concerns, and are safe to start exercising. The PAR-Q and ePARmed-X are available to help you assess your fitness to start physical activity. Click Here for further details. 
  3. That you are responsible for purchasing, wearing, and maintaining all equipment including, but not limited to: clothing, footwear, exercise/yoga mats, chairs, etc. 
  4. That you are willingly and voluntarily consuming content from this website, including participation in activities that may involve physical, mental, emotional, and energetic capacities, and that you herby understand and acknowledge that you are free to participate, or discontinue your participation at any time. 
  5. That you are hereby acknowledging and accepting that by participating you are making a choice to participate in an activity that may pose a risk of injury to yourself or others, and hereby release Dustin Thatcher and this website for any and all liability for injuries to myself, others, property, or items. You acknowledge that you are accepting to hold harmless Dustin Thatcher, and this Website from any and all liability for injuries to yourself, or others, caused by your actions while acting on information presented on this website.